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📘 How it works

GuessRanker is driven by the outcomes of interesting events, including sports, weather, and contests of every sort, on which our members test their guessing ability.

  • The testing of guessing ability is done through the use of timed verifiable polls on various topics with objective outcomes.
  • Polls are typically formatted in a question & multiple choice format with a start time, end time, and result/outcome time that are important in keeping results and votes meaningful.
    • For example, a poll may be “Who will win the 400m men’s race at the Summer Games July 15th, 2030?” and have a list of choices and perhaps a write-in option.
    • The poll can begin immediately, but it must have an end time that is before the time the result will be known. If the race will take place at 10PM, Pacific Standard Time, the poll should end a day or two prior to the event.
    • The event, or result time can be set at 11PM or even a few hours later to be certain the outcome is known by that time.
  • When a poll has ended, it is no longer available to be voted on.
    • After the specified result/outcome time, the poll enters the verification phase. This is when the result can be verified by the poll creator, site administrators, members with Verifier status, or via majority vote by the community.

🔷 Poll Verification

  • Poll creator-led verification will be the primary source of result verification, considering the large volume of closed polls that will be awaiting verification at any given time.
    • Poll creators can verify their own polls independently, and by default are the best agent to verify the result of the poll they created.
    • Site admins and Elite members can verify a poll independently, but will only reach a small fraction of polls.
    • Through the community of GuessRanker members, polls can be verified through a voting process like the initial voting phase.
  • Poll results can be verified by any member who did not initially vote.
    • The requirements for verification may change over time, but it will consist of a 'X' number of voters with a greater than 'X'% consensus on the result, upon which time the poll will be considered verified and will be pending finalization by admin, moderators, or proven users.

🔷 Poll Finalization

  • Polls that are verified will require a "double-check" by a qualified member, which will finalize the poll.
  • Qualified members (admin, moderators, proven users) are able to finalize a poll immediately and skip the "verify result" step.
  • The poll will then be included in member statistics, rankings, and badge earning requirements

🔷 Membership Levels & Privileges

Badge Description Image
Hot Streak On a hot streak!
Cold Streak On a cold streak!
Lucky Very lucky!
Detective Expert in news-related topics.
Meteorologist Expert in weather-related topics.
Storm Chaser Expert in disaster-related topics.
Stock Analyst Expert in stock or financial-related topics.
Sports Scout Expert in any sports-related topics.
Football Expert Expert in football-related topics.
Soccer Expert Expert in soccer-related topics.
Baseball Expert Expert in baseball-related topics.
Basketball Expert Expert in basketball-related topics.
Racing Expert Expert in racing-related topics.
Hockey Expert Expert in hockey-related topics.
Combat Sports Expert Expert in combat sports-related topics.
Golf Expert Expert in golf-related topics.
Tennis Expert Expert in tennis-related topics.
Living Prophet Remarkably accurate on environmental and news-related topics!